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Age: 20
From: Los Angeles, California

TheStory: Melody is a 22 year old from Texas who traveled out to California to try to get into the acting world. I thought I would give her a shot and see how she did with a simple modeling job, but from what Tony tells me, she doesn’t have what it takes. Not all girls are cut out for it. Anyways, Tony did the best he could, but the poor girl wasn’t enjoying her stay in LA, and it came through in the photoshoot. Tony told me that he didn’t give a good review on the modeling message boards, which is something rare for Tony.

However, this didn’t stop Tony from sticking his bareback cock into her and enjoying himself. He told me that since it wasn’t going well, he didn’t have anything to lose so he just went for it. He also told me that he tried to hurry and shoot his load inside her before she changed her mind. Sure enough after only about 20 minutes, he pumped her full of his seed and sent her on her way.


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