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Name: Barbara
Age: 22
From: Czech Republic
I met Barbara thru a friend in California couple of months ago. She was in California on vacation and at the same time exploring the possibilities of being a porn girl in LA. We went out together couple of nights here in LA with other friends but I never got the chance to fuck her because she had to go back home. But I was able to find her while I was visiting and was able fuck her and drop a big cum load in her. Barbara has a hot body, she is nice and firm everywhere, she has nice big tits and a beautiful pink pussy plus she loves to fuck. I mean, what else could a man ask for?? I was so excited to see her when I was there and just couldn't wait to fuck her when I got in town. I took her back to my hotel and as usual I took some pretty girl pictures of her for the picture collection. I started taking pictures of her while going up the stairs and I couldn't help licking her pussy and ass after she showed me. We then went to my room and we started going down on each other. "You've been waiting all this time to fuck me, haven't you?" she asked, and she was right. I had actually saved up my cum for Barbara for couple of days so I could give a lot to her. After all the foreplay, I started to fuck her nice wet pink pussy and it felt so good being inside of her. I had fucked a few girls few days before her with condoms at clubs in Berlin so the feeling of real flesh was just great and almost made me nut in her right away. But like the professional fucker that I am, I held in there and fucked her good for quite a while. And in the end I ended up giving her a big cumshot deep inside her. I thought I had gone too deep but then it all came out. After that, I just kept on fucking that cum filled pussy (I love doing that) and I ended up cumming again.. I told Barbara I would build her a website next time she was in LA, so I hope she cums soon so we can do some content :)




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