On This Edition of Next Door Amateur

Name: Presley Carter
Age: 22
From: Oklahoma
TheStory: I met Presley through a girl that was featured here last year after she told her about the website. They are roommates and Presley knew about it for quite some time but because she had a boyfriend situation, she wasn't really entertaining the idea of actually being on the site. But she contacted me recently and told me she had just broken up with the boyfriend and wanted to do this, so I drove up to where she lives and I got a room nearby. Now, this situation was a bit strange to me because she had just broken up with the boyfriend just few days before we did the video. And in all honesty, I think she was doing this to get back at her bf or or something along those lines as I can't really say she was all that enthusiastic about what we were doing. It was almost like she was thinking of the bf while I did her, which is not exactly all that appealing to me. So you might notice the lower level of energy on this one. And btw if you are wondering why she wears a scarf during the entire video, it is because she had her boyfriend's name written on her neck.. and no I am not making this up :)




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