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Name: Bianca  Age: 21

From: Oklahoma

The Story: Bianca came to visit me last month while she was in California on vacation and I got to do her again. She is such sweet girl and I could fuck her everyday if she was around. Not only is she pretty cute but I love her Midwestern personality, very down to earth. She was in town for couple of weeks and I got together with her couple of days before she went back to Oklahoma. I wished we could have gotten together some more but I was out of town for that time

This time I went to pick her up at her friend's place where she was staying and she was very happy and horny when I picked her up. She was wearing a sexy jeans mini skirt with no panties and that stuff turns me on a lot. I felt her up when she got in the car and her pussy was already wet from playing with herself before I came by. I fingered her pussy while we came back to my place and she almost came while we were sitting in bumper to bumper on I-405 traffic (I-405 happens to be the busiest freeway in the world and has the worst traffic the world has ever seen). She sucked my cock in return while driving and I couldn't help but cum in her mouth.. that cumshot was intended for her pussy but I wasn't going to wait for our famous traffic so I gave her one for tasting first.

When we finally got back, we started to fuck around and I started to record the session. Her mouth was a good way to prep my cock for her wet pussy and after doing that for a while, I started fucking her soon to be loaded pussy. She was wet and hot inside and after fucking her for a while, I came inside Bianca. Being the nasty girl that she is, she scooped out the cum and then swallowed every drop of it.. you got to love this girl.

I am not sure when she will be back in LA but I will definitely see her again when she comes back, she just loves to fuck. Also, I need to look at the map and see how far she is from Louisville, KY as I might be actually flying out there to meet couple of girls.. If I actually end up flying around the country to meet girls, I will have reached another level.. Out of all the people I know (and I know a lot of fuckers) I think I am about the most motivated.


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